The inverter and solar man of India

Kunwer Sachdev

Kunwer Sachdev –Visionary

Mr. Kunwer Sachdev is the Founder of One of the most well-known brand in Power Back-up Industry – Su-Kam Power Systems Limited. Kunwer is an entrepreneur, marketer, innovator, motivational speaker, thinker, and leader. He revolutionized the power back up the sector in India with his innovative and user-friendly products that made Indian inverters a household name not just in his home country but also in the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asian countries such as, Bangladesh and Nepal. His valuable contributions to the inverter/UPS and solar sector have earned him titles such as ‘The Inverter Man of India’ and ‘The Solar man of India’.

A visionary entrepreneur, Kunwer Sachdev started his entrepreneurial journey with a mere sum of Rs. 10,000 but soon enough he turned it into millions. In the 1990s when India was grappling with electricity Kunwer Sachdev was quick to foresee a profitable market in the power back up the industry, which was in complete disarray at the time with substandard products and local players dominating the market. Thus, he started Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. which became the first Indian power solutions company to win the title of ‘Superbrand’, and one of the fastest growing companies according to India Inc. — all within a short span of time.

The innovator

Kunwer goes by the mantra – Innovation. He sees possibility in even the most mundane things in life and finds out innovative ways of making it useful to mankind. Most of the breakthrough innovations you see in the power back up sector are his brainchild. He invented the world’s first plastic-body inverter which was adjudged as ‘Innovation of the Decade’ by India Today. He even introduced world-class technologies such as MOSFET, Microcontroller based and DSP Sine Wave into inverters. He also gave ‘Home UPS’ to India which combined the features of UPS and inverter into single equipment. Always looking at avenues to up his game and create better technology, Kunwer introduced World’s first touch-screen UPS which is wifi enabled so that you can monitor it from your phone.

Kunwer Sachdev envisioned his ‘Make in India’ company to make an indelible mark in the global market, and so he did when in 2003 his company became the first in India to export power electronic products to the foreign market. This was no small feat as it was the first time that he toured various countries with the hospitable and inhospitable environment, faced many issues since there was no precedence from the industry plus the civil situation in many African nations was unstable, still, Kunwer persevered on to make a mark for his product and his country.

He swept the international markets in ‘Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh and Nepal where his products are loved for its quality and reliability — so much so that Chinese and American products are completely ousted from these markets. Even today Indian inverters and UPS are preferred over Chinese – a huge credit goes to Kunwer’s efforts. The products outsmart many others due to their easy handling and ruggedness, the products do not need any artificial environment like air conditioning they can work from sub-zero to 55-degree centigrade.

With the speed at which Kunwer and his team were building new technologies he knew he had to do something to protect them. Thus, he started filing patents and in doing so became the first Indian entrepreneur to file for technology and design patents in the ‘Indian power backup Industry. His company made a record for being the only company in the power back up the industry to file for over 100 patients with nearly 2 technology patents filed in a month. He filed over 76 Technology Patents in India, USA, and other countries. He is continuously coming up with newer patent ideas and not just in the inverter industry but in many other fields related to energy, artificial intelligence, communications and many more.

His strong business acumen and foresightedness helped him to gauge the vast opportunities in the solar sector and he immersed himself in it. He started working passionately in building world-class solar products and developed some unique solar products that suit the needs of everyone from a small house in a remote village to big industries. Today, his mandate is to see every household in India powered by solar energy. He wants every business big or small to invest in solar energy and reap the seamless benefits of this natural resource.

The Marketer

‘Mr.Sachdev recognized the importance of marketing and advertising quite early, as Su-Kam became the first inverter company to advertise in newspapers. Before Kunwer's entry into power solutions sector, no company had a proper manual/catalogue of products but Kunwer changed that as Su-Kam came up with creative marketing collaterals for all its products.

He is also known to be the founding father of first-of-its-kind marketing strategy which was later followed by many other brands– in late 90s he persuaded dhaba owners around Delhi to put their name on Su-Kam boards and advertise along with their product. Another famous tale goes that Kunwer was once visiting Dal lake in Kashmir where he saw many beautiful 'Sikara boats', and next day they were all covered in Su-Kam – innovative branding at its best.

It was His vision to educate the people on Power Backup Technology though digital Media – as a result Su-Kam Power Systems was the first ever Power Backup Company to create an official You tube Channel .This You Tube channel has the maximum number of Subscribers as compared to any power backup company in the world.

Regarded By Everyone

The Inverter man and the Solar man of India who invented Technology in Power Backup Industry deserves all the respect and popularity from this Industry. Mr.Sachdev is very popular among the business partners of this Industry.

Apart from being a great Speaker and Motivator, he is immensely focused on new technologies and that’s what motivates people and that’s what people love about him. His is helpful, truthful and friendly with all the partners and thus deserves all the respect that he gets from his partners. People especially come just to listen to him during his business partner meeting.

They all consider his meeting to be very informative and helpful. The knowledge that they gain is useful for their business growth. Mr.Sachdev has conducted more than 1000 partner meeting all across the world

The Global Star

Mr.Sachev is equally loved and respected by the Global entrepreneurs as much as people in India love and respect. He has a huge global presence. He was the first man in India who actually started the export business of Power Up Inverter and UPS in many countries . He opened the business opportunity for thousands of people who started business because of this initiative. Su-kam was the most prefreed brand in the entire world in power backup segment. It was all due to the hard work and excellent product conceived by Mr.Sachdev .

The True Leader

Mr.Sachdev was and has been the most popular among his employees. Everyone believes and looks up to him as a true leader who stands with each and every employee through all the thick and thin. Every employee who has worked with him in Su-Kam and Su-vastika believes that. T

hey all believe that under his leadership team will learn and grow . He keeps motivating employees to learn and do something different in the market. It is because of his learning that many peoples who were employees have become successful entrepreneurs. He is actively involved in all the official functions and leaves no stone unturned to acknowledged hard work and dedication of the employees.

Award & Accolades

It is no wonder he has won several awards for entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation. Most notable of them being Government of India’s ‘Bharat Shiromani’ and Ernst and Young’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’.

Apart from this Mr. Sachdev have more than 25000 connections on Linkedin. Thousands follow him on Instagram Twitter and Facebook and a Wikipedia Page on his name. That itself shows how popular he is in his Industry and among people. There are thousands of people who have grown and benefited by following his thoughts and ideas . He always motivated people to learn..learn and keep learning everyday every He always believed that..

Never stop dreaming,

Never stop believing

Never give up

Never stop trying

Never stop learning”

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Clearly, his mantra is “I innovate therefore I am”

Widely Covered By Media

Mr.Sachdev is widely covered in media. Being a well-known face in the Power Backup industry, almost all the media house have covered him in different forms – print and digital media. This clearly defines his popularity in the industry . Please like to watch him speak, like to read his life journey and take inspiration for this life story.

Fit as Always

If you meet Mr.Sachdev , you will be astonished to see his energy level. He is so full of energy that it seems as if started his journey yesterday. The reason of his energy level and never to give up attitude is that he is a fitness freak. He states that “Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. People can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.

People who have worked with or know always have a common thing to say about his that he is always so full of energy and positive vibes . His Fitness has a lot to do with His never to give up positive attitude .

Who can imagine that at the age of 52 one can run 21 Km Marathon and finish it in within 2 hours . Mr.Sachdev has done that. He is an avid swimmer an yoga fan. I bet some of his videos in which he is excersing will give you goosebumps . It will motivate you - Get up – Exercise – Be Fit – Be Positive .

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